Our services

Our Services

  • A state of the art web-based auction system.

  • Hosting, maintenance and technical support of this auction system and the website Auctionet.com.

  • Handling all settlements and payments for all items purchased and sold online.

  • Handling and taking full responsibility for all shipping requests.

  • Managing and directing relevant traffic to the site and, to some extent, assisting with advertisement for consignment on Google.

  • Assisting and consulting with the auction house with internal logistics making the transition from traditional auctions to online auctions as seamless and smooth as possible.

The auction system

Our system is cloud based which means that you can reach it from anywhere you have access to internet; at work, at home or while on the go. Updates are automatic so that users will always have the latest version. Auctionet hosts the system - no servers of your own are necessary.

The system has all functions that can be expected as standard – plus; customer editing, standardised or tailor-made contracts, cataloging, uploading of photographs, invoicing and automated processing of unsold items.

The auction system and the website Auctionet.com are maintained, managed and under continuous development by Auctionet’s developers all of who have several years auction industry experience.


The security of our systems is of utmost importance to us both for you as an auction house and for your customers, the buyers and sellers:

• SSL encrypted data traffic

• Every auction houses' information is saved separately

• Customer passwords are saved in encrypted form

• All data is saved on several servers to ensure secure access at all times

• All data is continuously backed up

• The system is hosted in a secure environment.

The market place – Auctionet.com

Lots from each auction house are published on the platform Auctionet.com. This brings many advantages.

• Items are published on Auctionet.com, one of the leading marketplaces for high quality items, with in excess of 650,000 registered members who actively look for, bid on and buy items. Buyers can pay for their items immediately after a winning bid. Many customers return on a regular basis and will receive automatic e-mails as soon as items of their specific interest are offered for sale.

• One of the significant advantages of Auctionet is that we are a platform. Instead of having to visit and register on dozens of individual auction house webpages, customers can now reach a wide range of different auction houses with one account only. This way, the risk of a customer missing out on the chance to bid is reduced dramatically and collectively, all of the individual auction houses become part of one of the largest auction sites with thousands of items for sale.

• Customers are given access to My Pages which enables them to make individual changes to satisfy their needs such as creating watch lists or updating their shipping preferences. They are also given access to detailed lists enabling them to keep track of previous activities e.g. bidding & purchase history, sold items results and the management of all payments.

• Since all lots have fixed prices for shipping, customers instantly know what added costs to expect which lowers the barrier to start bidding. The shipping service is offered on the same basis to all auction houses including yours.

• Our watch list function prompts customers when the bidding for a selected item is nearing its end as well as when a third party has placed a higher bid. These reminders are sent via email or sms depending on preference.

• Using the subscribed searches function, customers receive an automated e-mail as soon as an item is published matching a specific search or theme.

• All items are catalogued in an easy to use standardised format and are attractively displayed with professional photographs.

• Every auction house has their own unique page on Auctionet.com where only their own catalogued items are presented. This means that a customer can very easily select to only look at a specific auction house's items.

• Auctionet offers an app for iPhone where clients can follow the bidding process and can bid even while on the go.

• We apply very high security standards in terms of processing passwords, credit card and bank details, safeguarding traffic etc.

Hammer auctions

In our experience, a traditional hammer auction can still be an excellent way to sell particularly high value items. However, we also know that the link to the internet is more important than ever. Therefore, Auctionet offers a module for hammer auctions as part of the system where bids can be received in real time with live-streamed audio and video from the actual auction. Included in this module are:

• Planning and setting the catalogue.

• Uploading the catalogue to the printer.

• Paddle Registration.

• Display of the Auctioneer.

• Display of images.

• Processing of bids: absentee bids, bidding in the auction, online bids, real-time bids, internet bids, telephone bidding.

• Live-streaming of audio and video.

• Final prices.

• Final settlement.

• Etc etc.


Shipping is a prerequisite for successful internet auctions. Some time ago it was difficult for customers to know if shipping was at all possible and, if so, at what price. It was up to the customer to find out for themselves and this often became a hurdle to bidding. Shipping of individual items was also rather expensive.

Auctionet offers fixed shipping costs for all items sold. Prices are already determined when items are catalogued.. This means that the bidder directly knows the cost for shipping.

All handling is taken care of by our preferred shipping partner which has a long experience of transporting auction goods. The auction house no longer needs to manage and consider the shipment once an item is sold. Frequent collections from each auction house enables the items to get to the new owners quickly.

• No packing or wrapping needs to be undertaken by the auction house as this is taken care of by Auctionet's expert partner.

• We offer fixed home delivery prices upfront for the majority of our items, large and small, to Europe and the rest of the world.

• We also offer home and international deliveries via our preferred partner.

• Synergies created from having multiple auction houses using the same transport solution make it possible to keep costs low which benefits the buyers.


Owners of auction houses will know that when all consignment and appraisals for the day are done, there is little time left for doing the financials. Auctionet also knows this and has made this aspect of the business much more efficient and manageable. As an auction house, you can do the financials on your own using our system or let Auctionet handle everything for you. Auctionet can do all the invoicing and settlements as well as transmit the data to the auction house on a regular basis. Auctionet's system has automated every step from making the consignment-contract to sending the invoice to the buyer and the settlement advice to the seller:

For consignors

• Easy to issue contract including all items, commission and fees.

• Automated mailing of settlement note with all amounts to be paid out.

• Possibility of a single settlement note once all items are sold. This is much appreciated by sellers of large amounts of items or lawyers processing an estate.

• Cost for a shipment or a collection or other charges can be deducted from future receivables.

• Daily payments via automatic file to the bank.

For buyers

• Invoices are produced and mailed out automatically.

• Automatic reminders once payment is due.

• Credit card payments are possible on the internet or at the auction house.

• Payments via bankgiro and postalgiro with reference.

• Registration of cash payments.

• Bank account transfers.

• Non-paying customers automatically barred from further bidding.


• We have a highly knowledgeable support team who can assist our auction house staff as well as buyers in all matters both by telephone and email.

• Auctionet's support team can communicate in English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.


• We advertise on a regular basis online as well as in print media to get the relevant traffic to the items offered.

• We have extensive experience of online marketing and can assist you with consignment advertising if desired.

Free advice from our experts

We are always available for our partnering auction houses and offer free advice and guidance on consignment, logistical issues, online marketing, appraisals, photography and shipping etc. For example, we will advise and guide you with:

• Finding an efficient workflow individually adapted to your specific requirements and premises from the moment the items are consigned until the moment they are paid for and collected.

• Photographic equipment and training to enable you to get the optimum quality of photographs for the internet.

• Research, expertise and appraisal of items.


Since we are partners with our auction houses it is natural to share success as well as risk.

Our aim is to make your business more efficient and thus more profitable with higher turnover and lower costs. One of the benefits of Auctionet’s business model is that the auction house only pays a fee when an item is sold and paid for. No gain no pain.

Our fee amounts to 6% + VAT of the hammer price, taken from the buyer’s premium, and an £5 hammer fee, charged to the buyer, per sold item - this includes everything, there are no additional or hidden fees.

Interested? Please contact us!